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$0 Down Bail Bonds in Lakewood Ca., "You Work You Bail" 562-867-7900

What to expect if arrested and held at the Lakewood Sheriff station:

The booking process at the Lakewood Sheriff station can be anywhere from 8 to 12 hours, potentially longer if booking traffic is greater.

Inmates will remain at the station until their court date unless they have a medical situation or an out of city/county warrant.

The lakewood Jail is set up to handle both male and female inmates.

Please Note: You can contact the jail directly but it is recommended that you contact a licensed bail bonding company for bail information. The jailers at the Lakewood Sheriff Station tend to be very busy and repeated phone calls may lengthen the booking time for inmates.

All Americans Lakewood Ca. Bail Bonds Service, 
Licensed Lakewood Bail Bondsman: call 562-867-7900

All American Bail Bonds has been operating a bail bonding service in Los Angeles County and Orange County for over ten years; we have multiple offices throughout both counties most of which do operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

All American Bail Bonds also has multiple payment options for those in need, with easy interest free payment plans with as little as $0 (zero) down.

Don't let collateral be a concern- Often individuals are concerned that they may not qualify due to a lack of collateral, here at All American Bail Bonds our General policy is "You work You Bail." We believe that everyone deserves a chance and if employment can be verified than we will write a "Signature Bond."

Why choose All American Bail Bonds in Lakewood:

Bail Bonds Appreciation
The branch of All American Bail Bonds in Lakewood has always maintained a strong and professional work relationship with the Lakewood Sheriff Station, we pride ourselves on our customer service and ability to perform our duties faster and more efficiently than others!

The Bail Agents with the Lakewood Bail Bonding Branch, don't just work in Lakewood, they live in Lakewood.

Our Local Bail Bonding Agents understand the city, with strong ties not only in the community but as well as in the city government. We're not just Bail Bondsman (woman), were Family. We're a Family owned and operated bail bonding company striving to be the best bail bonding service you hope you'll never have to call!!

We understand that the bail process can be confusing and scary, let our team of Professional, Licensed, and Certified 

Bail Agents help you! "Because You Have the Right to Bail"

All American Bail Bonds Lakewood is located at:

5517 E. Del Amo Blvd
Lakewood, Ca. 90713

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About the Lakewood Sheriff's Department:
Lakewood Sheriff Station

The Lakewood Sheriffs Department is located at
5130 N. Clark Ave.
Lakewood, Ca. 90712
Lakewood Sheriff Web Site

Services the Lakewood Sheriffs station offers:

-Explorer Program
-Finger Printing
-Misc. Services & Fees
-Megans Law

Areas the Lakewood Sheriff Station Covers:

The Lakewood Sheriff Station is located in the city of Lakewood but services other cities such as Artesia, Bellflower, Hawaiian Gardens, inincorporated Cerritos, and unicncorporated Long Beach.

It is estimated that the deputies of the Lakewood Sheriff Station handle the policing needs of nearly 300,000 residents of the above listed cities.

It should be noted that the Lakewood Sheriff Station also handles the after hour jailing needs of the Cerritos Sheriff station.

About the City of Lakewood Ca.,

The city of Lakewood is a city located within what's traditionally known as the Southern California Area. The city lies just south east of Los Angeles and is adjacent to Long Beach.

Per the US Census of 2010 the population of the city of Lakewood is just over 80,000 residents

Lakewood was originally created to be a post World War II community which began development in the late 40's by 3 Developers. Lakewood's Main roads are mostly boulevards of which the most popular is named after the city, Lakewood Boulevard.

Interesting facts about Lakewood Ca.

  1. Lakewood is the location of the the first Denny's in 1959
  2. Per the National Arbor Day Foundation, Lakewood is recognized as a "Tree City USA"
  3. Lakewood is credited with being as pioneer for being the first city to contract its municipal services completely SIDE NOTE: Contract services makeup 40% of the city's budget (trash, street cleaning, signal maintenance)

The city of Lakewood also Contract its law enforcement with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.
and the fire authority is the Los Angeles County Fire Department

We here at All American Bail Bonds know you have choices for bail bonds in Lakewood and the surrounding cities. We understand that the bail bonding process can be scary. God forbid you ever find yourself with a loved one in jail, but if you do just know All American Bail Bonds in Lakewood is here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There is no bail bond to large or small and there is no bail client that we can not help.

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